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Off On Selection
18 March - 4 April, 2024

All films are in English OR have English subtitles.​

This special section is available for streaming only. Streaming on from 18 March to 4 April 2024.

Queer Representation Matters .jpeg

Queer Representation Matters (Australia) by Natalie Krikowa

Queer Representation Matters is an interactive online documentary that explores historical and contemporary issues in queer female representation in screen media in Australia and overseas. The documentary draws from interviews with queer screen media scholars, screenwriters and directors and film festival curators, to investigate storytelling tropes such as "bury your gays" and "cancel your gays" within an industrial context and highlight the importance of representation of queer people and stories in screen media.

Running time: 03:45:00

The Madman and His Ruins .jpeg

The "Madman" and His Ruins (China) by Xiaolong Zhu

A middle-aged man lives in ruins, and his home has been burned down twice. After suffering from a stroke, he even refused government relief, and his neighbors called him a madman and did not want to interact with him. He lives alone, cultivates alone, eats alone, walks around alone... everything seems very primitive.    

Running time: 01:36:08

Class Acts .jpeg

Class Acts (Singapore) by Hwee En Tan, Deon Phua

Class Acts is a feature-length documentary tracing the genesis of Singapore's creative scene in the '90s through intimate conversations with its pioneering personalities. From Singapore's 'godfather of design' and the frontman of Singapore's first hardcore band Stompin' Ground to the founder of one of Singapore's earliest graffiti crews ZNC and the streetwear visionary behind 77th Street, these are the stories of icons and legends navigating unchartered paths, government regulations, and limited finances to make their mark on culture. Controversial headlines, arrests, and measures to "clean up" backfired and further stoked the passion of individuals who took things into their own hands, opening the floodgates for a wave of independent design studios, self-published zines, and safe sanctuaries in the form of cultural landmarks The Substation and Zouk. These are the stories of individuals who started creating with nothing, who push Singapore’s creative standards even today. The ones who went on to inspire a new generation of musicians, designers, and street artists.

Running time: 01:14:00

7999 Fast Ln .jpeg

7999 Fast Ln (United States) by Yuxiang Dong

7999 Fast Ln focuses on a young Chinese artist who recently finished art school and decided to apply for an artist visa to stay in the US during the COVID-19 Pandemic. It closely observes his visa application process since April 2020 and further examines this process in the backdrops of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Stop Anti-Asian Hate, and the 2020 presidential election.

Running time: 01:04:00


Wayward (United Kingdom) by Ross Casswell

Wayward is a feature documentary charting one man's ambition to restore and motor 'his wreck of a boat' from London to Ireland to reunite with his family.  All plans soon take a back seat as struggles with alcoholism, spiralling mental health and mounting debt threatens to hamper all progress. Can he find the personal resolve to turn it around before it all closes in? 

Running time: 01:03:40


Put Yourself In My Shoes (Germany) by Johanna Sofia Kausch

In the narrow streets of La Paz, Bolivia, hides an incredible story of courage and determination. Don Luis, born into poverty and without educational opportunities, was shaped by a childhood full of loss. Yet, he rises above the adversities of life, driven by a powerful dream: to ensure that his children lead a better life than he did. Unyielding, he faces the harsh realities—from sleeping in a cemetery to child labor.

Running time: 00:20:00

Karam Camera _edited.jpg

Karam Camera (United States) by Liam LoPinto, Shaimaa Al Sabti, Hana Barhum

Two Syrian refugee girls make their first films.

Running time: 00:16:51

Fu Guo _edited.jpg

Fu Guo (United Kingdom) by Zhitong Li, Chloe Witney

A documentary about the self-exploration of a Chinese gay international student studying in the UK. Touching on the issues of intersectional identities and the disconnection to the mainstream LGBT community due to culturally specific reasons.

Running time: 00:08:20

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