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Tuesday, 29 March 2022

This screening session features 6 films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.​



97 Sclater Street

London E1 6HR

United Kingdom


Free entry. Reserve your tickets now here.

Lumen (Canada) by Sarah Seené.jpg


Synopsis: Lumen (meaning light in Latin) is a sensorial film shot in Super 8 that paints a portrait of an adolescent with albinism. The hypersensitivity that this genetic condition engenders and the lack of pigmentation in her skin and eyes lend her an extraordinary aura. This film echoes a series of photographs entitled Fovea, which takes as its subject visually impaired young people. Running time: 00:01:41.

Selections/awards: Ann Arbor FF, Ghent Viewpoint Documentary FF, International Rare Disease FF, Hong Kong Arthouse FF (Winner Best Experimental Film), Montreal Underground FF, Doc.World, Verona IFF, Bruges IFF, and more.


About the director: Sarah Seené is a French visual artist based in Montréal. Working primarily in 35mm, Super 8 and Polaroid film, she focuses attention on the face, the body and the human being to create a dreamlike and poetic world in which intimacy is central. Seené also writes poetry, which she integrates into her photographic and moving image works. Her work is inspired by the concept of resilience spoken by the French neuropsychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik. For several years, she carried out an introspective research aimed at grasping the contours of her own history and her capacity to be reborn from her ashes, through the exploration of the post-traumatic shock syndrome linked to several personal dramas. Resilience is particularly central in her work about herself or about other people.

Married People (United Kingdom) by Tyro


Synopsis: Made during the Covid-19 lockdown, the director paints a portrait of her parents and their long marriage. Running time: 00:01:29.

Selections/awards: Women Over Fifties FF (Best Documentary), Obskuur Ghent FF, Super Shorts London FF, Extremely Shorts FF, Doc. Sydney FF, and more.


About the director: Tyro is an award-winning writer and director based in London, working in documentary, fashion and fiction. Informed by her experiences of growing up with an older brother with cerebral palsy, her practice is often centered around the family unit, and strives to offer an alternate insight into stories about disability and identity. She is dedicated to observational and character driven filmmaking, but enjoys experimenting with sound and multiple mediums to create evocative and stylistically original work. Her short films have screened on Channel 4 in the Random Acts programme, and at film festivals across Europe.

Grandma Kitty's Ping Pong.jpg



Synopsis: A grandmother's lifelong dreams of playing ping pong with the best of the best are realized. Running time: 00:02:49.

Selections/awards: Berlin Indie FF, Toronto Int Women in Film Festival, Boston Short FF, Super Shorts Los Angeles FF, and more.


About the director: Sage is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer from Chicago currently residing in Los Angeles. Sage's work explores femininity and everyday heroes. Sage is passionate about making art that brings people together through this shared human experience.

connections (Germany) by Jannis Alexande


Synopsis: Words. Rooms. Family. History. (No) Connections. Ringing Bell. Running time: 00:05:00.

Selections/awards: Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival, Festival of Nations, Leiden International Short Film, Timisoara Refugee Art FF, Wallabout Film Festival, Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Thessaloniki Intl Short FF, Caminhos FF, Warsaw FF, Ghent Viewpoint Documentary FF, ShorTS IFF Trieste, and more.


About the director: Jannis Alexander Kiefer studied Audio-visual Media in Berlin and completed several Interships in Munich, Freiburg and Berlin. Since 2011 Kiefer works as a Freelancer for Camera Work and as a 2nd AD. In 2016 he started studying "Directing" at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, his first-Year film COMMENTS was selected to more than 80 festivals worldwide and won several awards. In 2019 his film KAISER//EMPEROR premiered at the 53rd international Hof Film Festival, won the "BILD - KUNST" Jury Prize and was broadcasted at the German Televison Channel "3sat".

Hydro K (United Kingdom) by Alex Simpson


Synopsis: Kelsey is a dancer from London. Growing up he battled with a life threatening illness, and won, shaping his outlook and redefining his path towards teaching. He talks about how this has fed into his philosophy on life, and influenced his approach to movement. Kelsey’s story is testament to finding inner strength by using dance to channel positivity and resilience. Running time: 00:04:09.

Selections/awards: Super Shorts LondonFF.


About the directors: Alex Simpson is a born storyteller. She loves exploring and has a fascination with the big, difficult questions that we as humans sometimes find hard enough to understand, let alone answer. In her filmmaking she relishes human connections and delves into emotional subject matter. A celebration of the individuals who live near the edges and bold contemporary visuals are her twin passions. Phillip Suddick is a photographer and director based in London, making energetic and authentic work. He shoots in a relaxed and honest way, celebrating vitality, passion and the spirit of adventure.

The State of Texas vs. Melissa.jpg



Synopsis: Explores the life journey of Melissa Lucio, the first Hispanic woman to be sentenced to death in the state of Texas. After awaiting her fate for years, she now faces her last appeal. No one had ever seen Melissa be violent towards her children, yet she was blamed for the daily abuse and subsequent death of her two year-old daughter, who died from blunt head trauma. Set in the heart of the Latino community of South Texas, the film takes a look at Melissa’s broken childhood, her adult life plagued by poverty and prejudice, and the miscarriage of justice Melissa faced. The portrait of a woman’s fight against an entire system. Running time: 01:38:18.

Selections/awards: Tribeca FF, Raindance FF (Best Documentary Feature), Cinequest FF, Ramsgate international Film and TV Festival, and more.

About the director: Sabrina Van Tassel is an award winning film director and journalist. She has directed over 45 documentary films in the last 15 years for major television documentary programs. Focusing mainly on social matters in the United States, such as under age sex trafficking, children in the white nationalist movement, school bullying and women on death row. 

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