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Monday, 28 March 2022

This screening session features 10 films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.​



97 Sclater Street

London E1 6HR

United Kingdom

Free tickets

Free entry. Reserving tickets for this screening is no longer possible, but some more tickets will free up at the front desk on the evening of the screening.

The Wedding Cake.jpg



Synopsis: A young woman is forced to become a prostitute in order to settle her ex-husband’s debts. Her destiny is narrated through Playmobil figurines and a wedding cake that disappears along with the woman’s illusions. Running time: 00:03:58.


Selections/awards: Goteborg FF, RVK Feminist FF, Brussels Independent FF, and more.

About the director: Monica Mazzitelli is an Italian-Swedish directress and writer from in Sweden. She has shot some twenty-five fiction and documentary shorts, installations, music videos and promos that have been selected by 180+ film festivals, receiving a few dozens nominations and awards. 

Prisoner No. I (United Kingdom) by Danie



Synopsis: Hanka Świderska is a hoarder and anorexic. She attributes her physical and mental illness to her father's time in Auschwitz. This short, made by her son, examines this connection and is a search for a record of Hanka's father outside the framework of his time in the concentration camp. Running time: 00:10:56.

Selections/awards: Super Shorts London FF, Verona International FF, and more.

Hotel Stadt Altona.jpg


Synopsis: The team at Hotel Stadt Altona wishes you a warm welcome and a pleasant stay. Running time: 00:05:16.


Selections/awards: Doc.Berlin Documentary FF, Doc.Sydney Documentary FF, New Jersey Independent FF, Super Shorts New York FF.

The Beekeeper.jpg




Synopsis: A beekeeper on the island of Anglesey faces losing her ancestral home to the development of a nuclear power plant. Running time: 00:12:00.

Selections/awards: POFF Tallinn Black Nights, Wales International FF (Best Film Made In Wales), Buenos Aires International FF (Best Documentary Film),  The Norwich FF (best Documentary Film) , and more. 

About the director: William is a filmmaker hailing from rural Norfolk. His BAFTA Cymru winning and BIFA Nominated debut feature film 'Gwen' premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2018 and was nominated for the Best British Film Award at the 2019 Edinburgh International Film Festival. William has also directed Emmy and BAFTA award-winning TV Drama and Cannes Lion award-winning Commercials. His short film work includes 'Bovine' (Berlinale 2010) and 'Who's Afraid of the Water Sprite?' (Royal Television Society Award for Best Student Drama 2009).

Holy Land.jpg


Synopsis: The Christian Arab Juan, who is originally from Nazareth, struggles with his identity. He is of Palestinian origin, but lives in Israel. His identity crisis and his experience of racism due to his Arab roots, haunts him as far as Poland. As a student there, he discusses his identity with Ben his Jewish fellow student from Israel. Running time: 00:12:00.

About the director: After playing the lead role in a Swiss cinema film at age 16, filmmaking became an integral part of Lea's life. She's completed various internships in the film business, including in short film distribution, film criticism at Swiss Television, and has studied communication and religious studies. During her semester break in winter 2020, she produced her first own short documentary film «Holy Land» at the age of 24. She is currently working as a video journalist, and is writing the concept for her next film project.

Physical Thoughts.jpg


Synopsis: A dancer reflects on a recent injury. A dancer's body is their whole life. It is the sum total of their history, it’s the medium through which they make a living and it’s their method of creative expression. After a dramatic injury puts a professional dancer out of action for six months, she reflects on how our physical thoughts reveal who we are, perhaps even more than what we say. A meditation on authenticity, the creative life and facing one's own fears, 'Physical Thoughts' is the document of an injury and a poetic distillation of wisdom for every artist. Running time: 00:03:32.

Selections/awards: Aesthetica Short FF, Brussels Independent FF, New Filmmakers NY, Micromania FF,  Super SHorts London FF, Boston Short FF, and more.


About the director: Anne Hollowday is a NYC-based director creating affective and cinematic films that preserve the freshness of a lived encounter. Her award winning work is emotionally resonant and deeply human. Her work has garnered recognition from across the industry with inclusion in both the 1.4 and Shoot Magazine’s New Directors Showcases, as well as being awarded by the One Club, American Photography, AICP, SXSW and others.

Night Shifts (United Kingdom) by Justyna


Synopsis: This 3D animated documentary addresses personal as well as broader systemic issues faced by healthcare professionals working night shifts at UK hospitals through a detailed account of a junior doctor’s experience. The film was created as a public-facing output of a broader research project conducted in collaboration with researcher Enora Robin and CG animation artist Tom McCaughan. Special thanks to the NHS workers involved in the project. Running time: 00:07:28.

About the director: Born in Poland in 1984, Justyna Kabala is an artist-filmmaker based in London working on collaborative filmmaking projects with communities. She graduated from Royal College of Art in 2011 and is a senior lecturer at London College of Communication, UAL.

The Scroll of The Prophet Isaiah (Canada


Synopsis: I work after his voice and do exactly what he says to do... He put up what colors he want. I don't know about them. - "One day, in May of 2018 as I was driving through Niagara Falls, NY, I passed a home unlike anything I had ever seen before. I slammed on the brakes and reversed to take some pictures of this stunning and unusual work of art tucked away in an otherwise unremarkable neighborhood. As I finished, a man who was sitting across the street called me over to talk. His name was Isaiah and the conversation that began on that day culminated in this short film. Maybe our encounter was meant to be. In honor of Isaiah, I hope you enjoy it." Running time: 00:03:08.


Selections/awards: Toronto Arthouse FF, Super Shorts London FF, and more.


About the director: Jake Kovnat is a director working mostly on commercials, but also documentaries and music videos. His short documentary "On Days Like These We Must Surf" (2016) about a crazy group of surfers who chase icy waves on The Great Lakes, played at a number of festivals worldwide and was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick.



Synopsis: Nania is a thirtheen year old muslim female thaiboxer trained by her father in Bangkok. We experience her reality and the lead-up to a big fight. Running time: 00:15:13.




Synopsis: A story about several women living in the North Caucasus. The movie raises the topic of feminism, examines the context of national traditions and religion through the prism of stories of their lives. Despite everything, they found the strength and courage to become successful and outstanding people. Running time: 00:41:00.

Selections/awards: Doc.Sydney (Best Feature Documentary Film), “A man who knows the world” FF (Best Documentary film), Falcon International FF, and more.

About the director: Maryam Makhieva is a director of documentary and narrative films, based in Saint Petersburg. In her films, Maryam explores the social processes taking place in modern Russia, including in her native region, Kabardino-Balkaria, the North Caucasus region of Russia.

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